1096446Since 18 November 2014, the French company Parrot offers its new Bebop drone. A model that uses the same application as the Sumo Jumping and Rolling Spider but is an advanced version of the AR Drone 2.0. Its uniqueness, HD camera 14 million pixels allows for exceptional videos.

Parrot is known for its recreational drones that do not require driving license. This new drone thus comes compete with drones DJI Phantom models. Bebop has a polystyrene shell which gives it a disconcerting lightness, only 400 grams. The remaining parts like feet are glass fibers, which gives it a sturdy look and you will have no fear to see him spit, almost.

1399846049000-Parrot-BebopDrone-SkycontrollerMOST POWERFUL DRONE
Bebop Parrot is 8 times more powerful than its big brother AR.Drone 2.0 with its quad-core processor. It also loads 8GB flash memory that will capture your most beautiful flights. Because yes Bebop has a Full HD camera 14 million pixels. The camera module is 3-axis stabilized allowing a comfortable shooting and no stutters. The camera can move on itself until 180 °, simply move the joystick.

If like the AR.Drone 2.0 and mini UAVs, Bebop can be controlled with an application (FreeFlight 3). Parrot has designed a remote to control his new toy. Named SkyController it allows unparalleled riding comfort. The remote control is connected by default on the drone which allows use without a tablet or smartphone. These will be used only to return video or to view the map for driving up your drone 2km radius. No need to install a GPS confine its drone, it is installed by default on the object. The SkyController comes with a strap and a visor for a pleasant driving even with high brightness.

Bebop drone is priced at € 499. For a pack with SkyController, it will cost the sum of € 899. Three colors are available: red, yellow and blue.