Syma X5C is one of the more sought-after models. It is cheap, has a size that is not clearly associated with the toy and has a 2MP camera, which provides a decent quality of the captured image. So it’s time to look at strengths and weaknesses of the parties syms X5C.

syma1In the box

Syma X5C reaches quite a big box that inside had to accommodate our Quadrocopter, apparatus type of hobby-grade (a smaller version of the “big” apparatus, un-controller for games), a spare set of propellers, covers for them, a screwdriver, a 500 mAh battery and charger USB.


Syma X5C is a model of arm span of 34 cm and in that respect resembles the size of the V222. At one time, both models can peacefully compete with each other, as their parameters and price were very similar. Described Quadrocopter looks very good because of the interesting, streamlined shape of the hull. All parts are clearly covered from the flight controller, motors ending.

The only part that is on top is a transmitter with a small wheel of the engine and greater, which is mounted on OSCE connecting with the hub of the propeller. Especially dangerous for this element is fine dirt and sand that will get between modes may cause damage to any of the gears thereby translating to the speed of the propeller and engine load. Make sure that nothing get between them. Here it is worth noting that the Syma X5SC has an additional cover which largely prevents this mechanism.

syma3In the bottom producer put a 2MP camera, which records images at a resolution of 720p (ie 1280 x 720) at 30 fps. In addition, it was decided to mount the chassis in the form of two skids. It is attached only to interference, so it is easy to take them off, well and is quite flexible. Looking at the effects of learning to fly, it is able to withstand a lot, because although many falls are still holding up bravely.

Mentioning the training flights should also pay attention to the propeller guard that we receive with the model. Their assembly is to press their mountings in the holes at the edge of the arm and tightening a single screw. Although bolted, guards tend to eject easly, so it is worth it from time to time to improve, especially if Quadrocopter not have with us an easy life. Do the same guards come true? Well, I have mixed feelings because they are just as soft as already mentioned chassis. Flexibility guarantees them that they will not easily break, but also on collisions bend enough to lock the propeller.

syma6In addition, they are very close to the edge of the propeller, so it happens that it touches on guard during free flight. If I had to predict, I personally would suggest not to use them, and buy another set of propellers. The latter are really durable and breakage is really quite a challenge (I failed). In addition, we reduce the weight of the Quadrocopter, which is also not without significance, because Syma is not a model of excessively high power. However, if you want to visually enlarge the Quadrocopter, or even try to protect the model against collisions, of course, the way is clear. You should only listen, if propeller do not rub on the cover and in such situations appropriately bend them, restoring their original shape.

Same propeller of syms X5C are biplane, identical as in the X1 and X7. Probably due to the consistency of appearance manufacturer has chosen to standardize their color – all four are white. This has a negative impact on the ability to assess in which direction is pointing model. Fortunately, you can buy a set of propellers from syms X1 / X7, which are respectively black and white.

In terms of orientation, it is worth noting that the model is illuminated from below in the form of two LEDs on each arm, which are covered with a suitable color, plastic, translucent casing. And so – from the front it has a red, back – green. Of course, as always, I clung to it, because red does nothing fits me in front of the model.

The lighting looks decent, though it is most visible when the model is away from us. With him at eye level, the LEDs are visible already very weak, mainly because the candle down. This is partly justified because Syma X5C is a model with the camera, serving rather to record from a ceiling and not flying through the trees.

But he coped well with the battery. It is retractable within the housing under the flap, on which is affixed a camera. The whole is held on the latch. To open, you need to pull along the hull, to the rear. When you close the analogy.

Under the flap is a place where you insert the battery. It comes tight and does not move during the flight, which indicates that the Quadrocopter structure is thought. This is confirmed by the fact that the flap is a slot where you can insert the battery and on the outside is led switch. This allows us to put the link and have the model fully ready to fly, and run it only when you need it.

Battery has a capacity of 500 mAh, terminated with a connector Losi Micro-T – the most common among quadrocopters this class. It is enough for about 7-8 minutes of flight with disassembled undercarriage, propellers and camera casings and less than six minutes “in full gear” enabled recording. The charger is a standard USB plug on one side, Losi Micro-T on the other. Built-in red LED illuminates during charging and goes out when it ends.


syma2Apparatus for recording, in which Syma features, it can store the image at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 fps (frames per second). The film is not so completely smooth, especially at faster maneuvers, but its quality is decent. You can see a slight jitter (ie. Jello) resulting from incomplete balancing of propellers and transfer it to the frame Quadrocopter. The models in this price is very common, so you can not blame just to syms, because in this respect behaves like competition. The camera itself is tilted about a dozen or so steps down, which gives bad effect while recording a hover. But as soon as we bow Quadrocopter – probably we will record only what is under it. X5C clearly was designed to record from a greater height and only really makes sense. As I mentioned, the quality is not outstanding, but it allows you to enjoy the views of curly from the air. The drawback is, however, a relatively large area, combined with a modest weight makes it easily wind takes it. At higher altitudes, it is all the more noticeable, so you must often adjust flight. This in turn affects the quality of our recordings, on which the image at the moment will tilt. Do Syma is in this regard but worse than others? Probably not – falls decent.

The camera itself is removable. To do so, disconnect a wire that connects it to the Quadrocopter, then unscrew two screws, which is attached to the flap of the battery. The latter also can be completely removed, but be careful not to break the side pillars on which it is holding.


Syma X5C is based on the apparatus, which looks exactly the same as that of the first Quadrocopter this brand – syms X1. Although it is more like a genuine, is painfully plastic and does not arouse delight its execution. Even without being a fan of apparatuses that look like the pad of the console, but I prefer the one that is included with most syms quadrocopters.

After the first visual impression it’s time to look at the apparatus closer. Manipulators (the poles) are quite long, they work very gently and carefully. In comparison with other models, here you can not replace them. They are, however, well-shaped, so should be comfortable. Traditional finishing “crown” from the top, as well as a cut around results that the fingers do not slide, and all the time have good control over the model.

Arranged around the keypad buttons to trim also refer to the traditional model-making apparatus. They operate on the principle of “cradle”, so they work in both directions (front-to-back or left-right). They also apply to 3 channels – roll (tilting), pitch (slope), yaw (rotation). The last button at the left keypad serves us to operate the camera. Without reading the instructions on a hard fall, so not quite convince me such a just solution. Instead, the buttons can be fixed around the display as those which there are dummy. You can mention here the solution used in the WL-Toys V222.

The display is equipment strength. It shows a graphical representation of the status of each of the control channels. Two posts on the sides of the gas, which is added to the left manipulator (Mode 2). The cross in the middle shows the work of the right stick (roll / pitch). Finally, the circumference of the circle have a channel Yaw, or Quadrocopter rotating around a vertical axis. In addition, we also see the current status of the battery in equipment, flight mode (H – fast, L – slow) and setting individual trimming. As always, the signal icon of the equipment is nonsense, so don’t care about it.

In the upper part of the apparatus we find a small length antenna that actually is not a dummy, as it commonly occurs in some models. In addition, in front you find two buttons. The one on the left is used to change flight mode – there are only 2 – slow and fast. Right on the other hand it allows you to do flips, somersaults or around one of the axes. The principle is simple – first press the button and then pull the right joystick in one of four directions.

On the back of apparatus we find two tabs, so that bit more comfortable it is in your hands. Power provide us with 4 AA batteries. We put them under a flap. The latter has a hole into which the screw can be screwed resistant closure.

As far as the range is met rather negative feedback. On Youtube you can find recordings by Syma X5C dropping like a stone being fairly close to controler, although there are others who allegedly flew the original configuration relatively high. I do not have experienced a sudden loss of control over the model, but not sending it too far.

It should finally noted that the apparatus is very light. This is due to the materials that are not top quality, but in return we do not feel its weight in your hands. Opinion, whether needed or not, I leave to you.

Flight characteristics

syma5Syma X5C initially very positively surprised me with its low weight, especially at these dimensions. The spell is broken, unfortunately, in part, when we decide to lift the model in the air, because Quadrocopter has a very average power and rises quite reluctantly. With this in mind, the manufacturer advises against doing flips while flying with the camera, because it is very difficult after such a maneuver restore the original ceiling. While too rapid descent also can be problems with the lack of power – Quadrocopter loses height even though full swing throttle. This was not like the most, because in this case the model is not to “save” – ​​will fall until it makes contact with the ground.

As to the same dynamic flight then this is also an average. On the big plus is excellent and smooth response to the apparatus control. The model fly nice and predictable. The first mode – slower, works only in calm weather. Model fly then very quiet and you can feel good control, without the risk of falling with a vengeance on an obstacle. The second mode – faster, allow us now to freer flight and it will also be a bit more dynamic. This is an absolutely minimum, in even a weak wind, because the combination of low weight with a relatively large surface area makes it a breeze willing to “take” model. With stronger gusts advise against even attempt to fight Quadrocopter because they almost certainly can not help myself.

Yaw rate, the speed at which Quadrocopter rotates around the vertical axis, is like most models of the manufacturer – the average. Clearly feel that in the remaining planes of the model shows a greater propensity to respond to the poles. Is it hard bother? I think in this particular quadrocopter not a huge ill. The model clearly was not designed to fly fast and performing evolution, but rather as a platform for beginners. Therefore, do not expect fireworks during piloting this particular Quadrocopter.

The maximum deflection and inclination (roll / pitch) model even in fast mode is probably less than half that in the case WLToys V222 and related industries. That, if you recall, were more maneuverable, but in turn camera with VGA resolution called for vengeance. Syma at every step shows that it is fast and does not aspire to that. I think, however, that checks in the hands of novice, because flight smoothly, and the moderate pace of the flight will appeal to those who are not yet widely familiar with apparatus.

Flips, somersaults or by one of the horizontal axes are just not worth mentioning


syma4Syma once again releases a product that is good. You can not call it groundbreaking, innovative or unique. It is normal Quadrocopter with average performance, but also predictable, decent quality and without unnecessary frills. The manufacturer is not features useless stuffs to their models, making the product seem more coherent and thoughtful. On the plus side it deserves component life – both propeller and hull itself is lightweight, flexible and durable. Decent quality camera and easy control are additional features that emphasize the target group of future pilots – beginners, who want to see their surroundings from above. Among the defects, the small supply of power, which makes the model not too fast rising, and with falling sometimes difficult to keep it in the air. Additional drawbacks is quite unsuccessful guard propellers, the average illumination of the model and aesthetically questionable apparatus.
If Syma X5C be your first Quadrocopter it will be a good and predictable choice. You can learn to control it and it will lift a lot of error that you definitely can not avoid. Provide a decent quality camera recordings, which then easily show your friends even on your smartphone, keeping in mind that 720p should be treated with a grain of salt given the sharpness of the image. If, however, Syma would fall into the hands of someone who already has a model with the camera, or mastered enough control and looking for something more dynamic – it is better to stop. This model does not surprise anyone, but also buying it as a gift, after unpacking certainly will not be disappointed.