drones_3130989bThe drone is basically a military machine that we saw action in many conflicts around the world. But today many companies have embarked on the individual for drone. We thus find Parrot who became world leader in drone in particular through the AR Drone. But what can you really do with a drone?

The drone is a machine that must be understood in order to have a correct decision in hand. You can easily lose control of the drone in case there would be a bit too windy or you have the wrong direction and eventually turn left / right.

On the Parrot for example, you have access to a tutorial on first use. So you can understand how the drone, how to use his camera, make safe loops etc.

So what can you do with a drone?

dronewithoutThe drone allows to evolve at a height of about 15/30 meters and fly fast enough. You can use these “new drone” with your smartphones and tablets. No need to buy a remote control, you download the application iphone / android your drone and you run it!

The drone created a wifi network you are connecting. Orders are then quite simple, it’s like playing a video game. Except that you have a toy in the hands costing between 200 and 1000 euros … so better not to send him to the wall or to land it too quickly.

In applying the drone, it is possible to change several settings to make the most stable drone or so to use more “speed” with faster acceleration.

Or having fun with his drone?

It takes place! It is possible to try it in their apartment or house, but you’ll soon realize that he lacks instead. A drone, it makes between 30 and 1 meter in diameter. The AR Drone from Parrot, with 4 rotors, once in the air will blow a lot and if you ca in your apartment, everything will fly. The best thing is to have fun in the countryside or in a park. Preferably, do not fly the drone there are children and adults around you. A handling error may lead someone to take the drone and this can end badly if it has iron game.

drónDrone What to buy?

It depends on your budget and what you want to do. If you want to make pictures with your Drone, then buy one that is effective and to go up high enough.

If this is your first Drone, do not put the package on the first purchase. Start with Ar Drone and you will then pass on a Phantom DJI is currently one of the best Drone for individuals but is 3 times more expensive than the first UAV mentioned earlier.